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February 08, 2012



I love it when life brings someone past your door who understands the odd stuff we like. I love old trees. Those wonderful old lightening hit, graying, leaned over, heads touching the earth, passing on their secrets kind. I went on vacation with three friends years ago and when I asked if we could stop beside the road so I could take a picture they laughed at my subject. A HUGE tree like described above. I would have gone and sat on its lofty old bench of a body if there had not been a bull in the field. They stand so alone it seems. I cannot help but wonder who they gave shelter to, who sat beneath their shade, lovers? A tired traveler? A resting laborer? Oh, what they must have seen in their life time. I wrote a short story on and old tree. I might dig it up and share it on my site. Thanks for caring enough to post what most would just walk past.

Vanessa Hancock

Is that the hobbit tree? It's great!

The Cat's Pyjamas

Thank you, Susan...very beautifully said! I would have stopped to photograph that old tree too! My sisters laugh at some of the things I stop to take pictures of too sometimes. :)

The Cat's Pyjamas

Yes, Vanessa...that is it! Did you see the Hobbit in the photo on my facebook page???

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